Remote Desktop Support

Service to Meadville, Conneaut Lake, Linesville, and surrounding communities, including Andover, Ohio since 2008. Tom’s Computer Service offers a wide variety of services. With over 35 years combined experience we are equipped to handle your computer needs from computer repair and virus removal to promoting your business on the Internet.

We offer Web Design and Hosting, Computer Repair, Software Help and Training as well as remote desktop support, onsite support, and pickup/delivery for your computer.


Website Solution

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A Professionally Designed Website is a most effective way to advertise. There is no other advertising method that provide your customers with a 24 hour source of information about your business. Having a professionally designed website is only the beginning.

To be truly effective your website needs to be easily found by your customers. All of our sites are designed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. We specialize in local website design. That means your website is optimized to be found by people in your area. For more information visit our Website Solutions page.

Computer Repair

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Computer issues can bring your business to a grinding halt. The unfortunate fact is it’s not a matter of if hardware will fail but when. Preventative maintenance can help delay it and current backups of your files will prepare you for it.

Let us help establish a maintenance routine, select and configure an antivirus, and setup scheduled backups of your important data before your computer leaves you high and dry.

We provide both onsite and drop off/pickup service to keep you going. We also provide assistance when you are trying to figure out which hardware will best serve your particular needs at the best price. For more information visit our Hardware Solutions page.

Software Help and Training

Software Help and Training

Software can be the most frustrating part of your computing experience. First you have to figure out which software option will fit your needs. Then comes the nightmare of installing and configuring it.

You finally get it installed and start it up the first time and get the message that your ‘new’ software must update before starting. An hour later it finally opens and your faced with a blank screen and no idea where to go from there.

We can help you with any of these things from finding the right one to teaching (most common types i.e. word processing, image editing, record keeping) you or your employees to use it.

For Industry Specific Software, we can learn the software and provide you and your employees personal onsite, telephone, or remote control support.

For more information visit our Software Solutions page.