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Learn computer, lets talk about learning computer. Who needs to learn computer and why. Individuals want to learn how to get around on computer, usually to communicate using email and use the Internet properly and safely.

Sometimes people want to improve existing computer skills to smooth out their work day or begin to get familiar with new software tasks they see coming their way.

Others own businesses and computers are changing the way their business works. Computers and specialized software programs are, for many, an inescapable part of today's landscape.

I know of at least one business where they got along just fine without computers. The owner didn't even have one, at home or in the shop, for over ten years. In the last five years though he was, more or less, forced into it. Suppliers, customers and job sources all began pressuring for computer communication. Email and Internet had all but replaced the trusty old Fax Machine.

Instant notification and color photos drove the process. Add to that ,competitors began using expensive estimating software that allowed them a faster more professional process ,and it was working. This business had no choice but to follow suit.

Tom's Computer Service learned the new software ahead of the curve and taught it to employees, plus supported the employees with screen sharing and telephone.

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