Computer Hardware

We offer a wide range of hardware services. Some of the areas we might be able to assist you with:


When your hardware needs serviced we provide you with several options. We can provide drop-off service, pickup/delivery service, or onsite servicing.

Drop-off is the least expensive method but requires you disconnect the hardware deliver the hardware to our location. When repairs are complete you must pickup and reconnect hardware.

Pickup and Delivery Service

For a small fee we offer pickup and delivery service. This is a nice option if you don’t have the time disconnect, deliver/pickup, and reconnect your hardware. This is also a nice option for those that lack the technical ability disconnect and reconnect hardware. The charge for this service varies according to your location and includes the first hour of the total time spent on location.

Onsite servicing can be very expensive. During hardware servicing there can be long periods of time spent waiting for scans to complete or software to install. During onsite servicing you are charged for these periods of time which can add up quick! When servicing is done in our shop we start these processes and then work on something else and you are only charged for the actual time spent working on your equipment.

Virus Removal

On of the most common problems with computers are viruses. Even with the best most up to date antivirus is not bullet proof. There are even a few (very rare) that require hardware replacement. When you have an infected computer it is extremely important to make sure it is completely removed or may return or worse spread to other computers or devices. When you have a virus and don’t know what to do give us a call or use our convenient contact form.

Hardware repair/replace

Diagnosing hardware problems can be difficult especially if it wont turn on. Our years of experience gives us the ability to figure why and then help you decide if it is more cost effective to repair or replace the defective equipment. If you decide to replace the device in question we can help you select the replacement that best fits your needs and price range. Give us a call or use our convenient contact form to request assistance.

Computerized Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

Computerized POS System

We have a great deal of experience working with Computerized POS systems. We can help you select software, hardware, and connection method. We will then train you and your employees to use your new system. To receive a free estimate you can use our contact form or you can give us a call.

Private Wi-Fi/Wired Network Setup

Most internet service providers supply a router that may or may not have Wi-Fi built in. In either case the service provider most likely will not allow you access the router settings. In most situation this is an acceptable arrangement. If however your business deals with sensitive information you may want to supply your own router. You are than able to setup your own security and connection policies. We can help you secure your network from prying eyes. Give us a call or use our convenient contact form to request a free estimate.