EZ Employment Application
Employment Application

Whether you need a simple form such as a guestbook or review submission or a fully functional web application like our EZ Employment Application Tom’s Computer service can meet your needs.

Let me briefly explain the difference between a website and a web application. A website is used to advertise your business or relay information. A web application is used to collect data, process it, and display the results. A web application can be as simple as a specialized calculator that is contained within a single webpage or it can be a made up of multiple pages with both frontend and backend parts.

EZ Employment Application Administrator

EZ Employment Application is a very good example of a complex web application having both frontend and backend functionality. The front end; which is the part your visitors see, allows the user to enter the information for an employment application. The back end; which is the part you use, allows you to retrieve the application for printing, saving, or deletion.

Web applications can be used for a large variety of purposes. Some possible uses might be a help desk system, a survey, or an online store. Your application can be hosted on your site or hosted on our server and linked to your site. Of course as with all of our websites, our applications are responsive.


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