High Impact Low Cost Offering, we tend to think of this package as "The Contractors" website or the "Internet Yellow Pages". Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, read this, it's important! Most Tradesmen need to get the work before they can do it and get paid. An investment in advertising is an investment in your future. Excavators, Concrete Contractors and Masons are in an even more sensative spot. By the time a project is under way their jobs have already been contracted out.

Examining blueprints

In the past individuals looking for contractors or other services would go to the Yellow Pages Directory, which was specific to their city and contained listings and ads in nice alphabetical order. Some people still use the Yellow Pages. Do you remember the last time you did?How much would it cost to place five pages of ads with photos in your local yellow pages directory?

YOU determine your own Radius of Service - Google and Yahoo are your friends!

For a continuously growing number of people The Internet is the first choice for information, of any kind, including looking up phone numbers. For these people it is second nature to simply type into their preferred search box what they want and where they want it from. Virtually everyone who requires diverse information on the job utilizes a Personal Digital Assistant, Internet Connected Cell Phone or Laptop Computer as a primary source. Here is an example, in Google or Yahoo they would type; carpenter meadville pa or concrete andover oh, just like that no capitalization or punctuation. Wouldn't it be sweet if your business was there on the first page?

Here is where the Internet takes off. What if your "searcher" was not in your area? A General Contractor in another state who had won a bid for a major project in your service area, would invariably use the Internet to line-up local subcontractors. YOU want to be on the short list there! 

Very often businesses have a larger radius of service than the local Yellow Pages. If you want to provide your services to a city seventy five or hundred miles away, you have to advertise there, because you won't usually be included in the local listings.

We will optimize your website for whatever locations you desire. Search results can never be guaranteed but with time and effort they can usually be made favorable. Far more favorable than nothing!

Here is an example, type into Google or Yahoo or MSN Live, septic pumping conneaut oh Look for www.sewererie.com try septic pumping edinboro pa or septic pumping erie pa (www.sewererie.com is the web address of Donghia Environmental)

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to have some very "unhappy" water on your bathroom floor call Donghia Environmental, he does an excellent job at a good price, I highly recommend him!

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Our Business Card website starts at just $200. That includes:

  • First year of domain name (of your choice if available) registration.
  • First year hosting.
  • A professionally designed website targeting your area.
  • Listing with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Your website includes a Home page to define your service or product, your choice of an About page or a Photo Gallery page, and a Contact Us page which includes an easy to use email form. Oh did I happen to mention you will be able to add or delete images from your Photo Gallery!

For just $200 your website will be located on the Internet at www.yourDomainname.com for the first year. What other form of advertising provides your potential customers with 24/7 information about your business for less than $0.55 a day. These prices assume that you are supplying textual content and images. After the first year an annual fee of $150.00 is charged for domain name renewal, software updates, and hosting fees. That's less than $12.50 a month for a website that promotes your business all day, every day!

It is important to know that Tom’s Computer Service can create content for your website for you, at extra cost. The most economical method is for you to provide the information and descriptions of your products and services along with photos that you have taken or have permission to use. As much as we prefer the information in digital format we can work from printed material such as brochures or newspaper articles.

The normal process is to "go live" with the most pertinent information immediatly, along with contact information. As more content becomes available it is added to the website as we go. The reason for this, "building the site live," as opposed to having it finished and then putting it on the Internet is that the search engines require time to find the site and index it, so it is findable on the Internet. Even though we submit the site and pamper Google, Yahoo it still takes several weeks to get "indexed", so people can find your website by searching Google. Yahoo can take even longer.

The Sooner You Get Started, The Sooner YOUR Phone Will Ring!