A local website, for our purposes, is one that is intended to be viewed by people in a particular geographical area. Usually you find these as local business sites or for the local town counsel or historical society.

Very often the Internet location, which is the "http://www.your-business.com", that you see in the address bar of your web browser is communicated by email or passed from one interested party to another on business cards or in advertising. Not a bad way to do it, it's a start.

These types of sites are almost never optimized for search engines like Yahoo or Google. Why do we want people in Texas to find our website in Ohio or Pennsylvania? You need a website that can be found where you live.

Carpenter who secured work through Internet Marketing
Your website works 24/7/365

Here is the important information, the important assumption. People searching for something or better, someone, they know is local will invariably add their town and state to their search. For example, a person wants to find a carpenter to put a deck on their home. They put "carpenter" in Google, they get over nine million results beginning with Richard and Karen, The Carpenters, singing duo from the seventies.

It's not exactly rocket science to figure out a more specific search will be required to get relevant results. Then try carpenters meadville pa or carpenters linesville pa, now they get yellow page style web directories, businesses owned by people by the name of Carpenter and contractors.

Why don't people who are carpenters by trade come up? Simple answer is, no carpenters in Meadville or Linesville have purchased a Contractors website from Tom's Computer Service. So there are no carpenters with optimized websites for the search engines to find.

There are probably carpenters out there with websites but they are not promoting them to the search engines. They probably have their Internet location on their business cards and in their advertising but they are not very well connected to Yahoo or Google, so they rank very low in the search results. The simple fact is that most people using search engines rarely go past the two page of results and if they don’t find what their looking for they will redefine their search.

What about Hardware Stores or Hairdressers,it works the same way. For example, if you owned a Jewelry Store in Erie, PA and search's for engagement rings erie pa offered your store, that would be good. Would your store be on Google for engagement rings conneaut oh or ashtabula oh or edinboro pa? If Tom's Computer Service built and or optimized your website it would, and that would be Great! Do you see how local business could benefit from web marketing?

If you already have a website and would like to have it optimized Tom's Computer Service can provide consulting and optimization services. If you don't already have a website we can build and optimize one for you.

Search results for pipe camera that includes a city and state.

Tom's Computer Service created a website for Donghia Environmental Services in the spring of 2008. It did well and owner, Rod Donghia told his friend Troy Post of Hydro Physics of Erie about it.

Hydro Physics of Erie website was live on the Internet in the fall of 2008. Now they both enjoy a findable informative web presence that they can add content to on their own or have Tom's Computer Service do it for them.

Bottom Line! These sites are providing 24 hour a day 7 day a week information to people LOOKING for these services.

When people are searching for and finding you on the Internet they are ready to BUY!


Have Tom's Computer Service get started on your web presence today! We post basic content on the Internet as soon as we get it. We get your domain name, contact information and description of products and services online with in a few days.

It takes more than a few days to put a quality website in place but we put up basic functional information so the process of website promotion can begin as soon as possible. The promotion process takes time and the sooner it begins the sooner phone calls and emails start coming in.

Tom's does basic website promotion as part of the total package. We also offer free consultation on what you should do to promote your website, such as print advertising and including your web address on business cards and documents.

Your Website WILL Advertise Your Business Offerings EVERYDAY!